Erotic/Sensual massage, London

There are historic writings and records of the use of massage technics and therapy from as early as over 5000 years ago, and massage has been around as a healing technic in many culture since.

The history of erotic massage goes back to ancient times as well, to a time where sexuality and sex was natural, pleasurable and guilt free.

Erotic massage is a whole body experience, it involves mind, body and soul, emotions, pleasure, healing... a right touch in the right place at the right time, a gentle stroke...relaxing and stimulating at the same time...

Sensual massage focuses on the erogenous zones of the body, boosts sexual arousal, may helps you to understand your sexuality and the nature of love and has many health benefit such as:

  • reduces stress
  • helps to treat premature ejaculation
  • promotes fertility in both sexes
  • detoxify the body and regulates circulation
  • stimulate libido etc

The environment and creating a sensual atmosphere plays an important role in the whole experience. A warm intimate room, warm scented oil, flowers, candle light, soft music transfer you to a magical, relaxing, yet powerfully stimulating state where you will find not only your body but your soul is pampered.

You will forget and will escape from the stress of every day life. So go ahead experience the pleasure and the desire of touch!

Erotic massage is popular and sought by both women and men, here at we would like to satisfy everyone’s need. You can browse in four categories to find a masseuse/masseur you like

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